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A few years ago I was sitting down listening to a Psychologist present a talk on how 80% of diseases start in the mind. As a Naturopath, I knew that there was a mind body connection, but I thought that number was a bit staggering.  After giving what she said full consideration, I began to think about the fact that we are made up of mind, body and spirit and that based on even my own experience, it looked like there might be some truth to what she was saying.

I began to think about what the bible says with regard to thinking.. It says in proverbs that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Then the secret came out which talks about the law of attraction. I remember seeing one of the testimonials about a woman who had been diagnosed with cancer and she watched funny movies for a period of time. When she went back to the Doctor , they could not find the cancer. This goes back to the biblical principle, whatever we THINK WE BECOME.

I have the number one thing that aggravates health is toxic thinking. There was a season of life for me when I was under EXTREME EMOTIONAL STRESS!! During that time, the top of my head had become very sore to the touch. When I would sit down to look at the television, I would see double of what I was watching. I wasn’t sleeping well at night, and there was a loss of appetite.  I was always fatigued because there was a lot of energy being utilized because I was under a lot of STRESS. The thing that brings on all of these symptoms is FEAR.

Fear ignites a cascade of physiological reactions, it takes your body into “Fight or Flight Mode”. Your body thinks that you are either getting ready to FIGHT or RUN. Energy is pulled from your digestive tract to your muscles, so digestion is totally compromised when you are under stress. While under stress, you can not digest your food properly which leads to fermentation and systemic toxicity which leads to the initiation of DIS-EASE process!


While in school to become a Naturopath, I had to read a book as a part of my discourse of study called “Cancer Prevention And Politics”. The subject of that book was a man who fought the war on Cancer in the early 20th century. He was a Naturopathic Dr. who established the HOXSEY clinic in I think Texas. He treated cancer patients who conventional medicine had given up on. When the patients went to his clinic, one of the first things that they were given was hope. Hope starts in the mind. If someone is telling you that you can LIVE, and you BELIEVE it, your body will respond accordingly. It will DETOX and REPAIR itself if given the right materials.

Many cancer patients are given a DEATH sentence, and Dr. Hoxsey said that many patients who are diagnosed, do’t die from the CANCER, they die from the FEAR associated with the DIAGNOSIS. He said the “FEAR IS LIKE A BULLET FIRED INTO THE MIND WITH LETHAL PRECISION”.

The solution is to watch your thoughts, when a negative thought comes into your mind, reject it. Try to keep your mind on positive things. This takes making a conscious decisions to make positive mental choices moment by moment. Where you are today is a result of choices, whether they are mental or those actions that were taken on yesterday. It’s never too late to change, we have the power being made in the image and likeness of God to change our circumstances at anytime..

Guard your heart and your mind, take on an attitude of gratitude, and live in the realm of HOPE AND FAITH. I heard a news report that said that people who go to church and embrace faith have a higher percentage of recovery. Focus on solutions, not problems..for every problem there is a SOLUTION.


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